Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Worthy Cause

Hey pretties!
So, in my last blog entry, I listed my New Year's resolutions. One of them was to become involved in a cause.  Have you seen this logo before? It is for the "Delete Digital Drama" campagin. The goal of the campaign is to put an end to cyberbullying. You're probably aware that cyberbullying has been a widespread problem for far too long. Think about it. How many negative or hurtful comments do you see on social media platforms on a daily basis? I know I see a lot! I also know there is so much more that we DON'T see. Things that happen in private messages, etc. Why? Why hurt others? People you probably don't even know?  It's easy to get courage over the internet. You aren't face to face with these people/ You can say whatever you want. But words hurt, personally or in the cyber world. So many people are dealing with immense amouts of bullying. It can affect someone's school or work performance, keep people from their everyday activities, and in some cases, push people over the egde to suicde or hate crimes.
  So, ABC Family and partnered up to start this campaign to help eliminate cyber bullying. I recently learned about this campaign, and I feel so passionate about it. Together, we can stomp out bullying via the internet. Go to to learn more information about the campaign and to find help if you are suffering. Let's make the internet a happy place. :)
What do you think about this campaign? Have you been cyber bullied? How did you deal? Let me know.
  Remember, love will ultimately set you free.
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