Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: Maybelline's Falsies Mascara

Hey there, Pretties!
Today, I am going to do another review. I am so excited about this one. Today, I will be reviewing Maybelline's Falsies Mascara. This is my holy grail mascara. I ONLY use this. I use it everyday, and I can't seem to find another mascara that compares!

If you've seen the commercials, this mascara is supposed to give you that false lash effect that every one seems to lust after. Sounds like a gimmick, right? I mean, a LOT of mascaras promise to make your lashes longer and thicker . Falsies really does accomplish this. I have naturally long, and decently thick lashes, but when I apply Falsies,BOOM! People ask all the time if I am wearing false lashes. It comes in a normal and waterproof formula, and the waterproof formula is not flaky at all. The wand is the real magic worker, here. Its "S" shape really lifts and sculpts your lashes. I could go on and on about this mascara, but you'll really just have to try it to see for yourself. I doubt you'll be disappointed. The price is also appealing. It runs around 5 dollars, and works like a charm. I am in love with this mascara. I have been using it exclusively for about 2 years now, and I have yet to find a mascara that delivers the same results! So if long, false worthy lashes is what you lust for, this is for you!

If you try it, let me know what you think!
X's and O's,

Friday, February 17, 2012

Music of the Month: Blood on the Dance Floor

Hello, Hello!
So, to kick off the "Music of the Month" feature, I am going to feature a favorite band of mine: Blood on the Dance Floor. Have you heard of these guys? They have literally taken over my Ipod. I have been such a big fan of theirs for so long.
Blood on the Dance Floor is, well, a little different. They have pretty much created their own genre. I suppose you could classify it as elecrto/pop/dance/rave/etc music. Alot of their music makes me want to dance. I really respect them, because they say anything. They don't hold back with their music. Alot of their music is really inspirational,too. Their songs carry a message of respect and harmony for all people in the world. Blood on the Dance Floor has become a movement. Their fans are all considered family, and the band stands for "One Love" . Their new album" (R)evolution " come out June 19th, so check it out! I am obsessed with them!
*Note: If you are offended by curse words or explicit material, these guys are probably not for you.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Things! & Happy, Healthy Skin:)

Hello Lovlies!,
So, I know I haven't updated in 10 days. So sorry! I didn't forget about you guys, but I had alot going on. I did TRY to do an update letting you know what was going on, but my computer wasn't having it. I am having trouble typing updates, so I am using word on my computer now, and copying and pasting. Joy.
Another reason I haven't updated is that I have been super busy with class, the new apartment, and new things for the blog have been in talks. :) I will be introducing a new feature to the blog called "Music of the Month", where I will be talking about bands I am loving, etc. I have upcoming interviews with some artists coming up, so please stay tuned!
Okay, Okay. Now that you're done hearing my excuses(sorry!), I will share with you some tips for better skin. :)
Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought "What gives? I wash my face daily, remove all my makeup, and use moisturizer. Why is my skin so dull/flaky/broken out? I take care of my skin!" Unfortunately, this is not always enough. There are little things that you maybe don't think about that can be affecting your skin. Here are some tips I swear by for happier skin:
1. Change your pillowcases once weekly. The oil from your hair and other parts of your body rub off on your pillows. When you go to sleep at night, you are essentially your face into a pool of yuck. So, be sure to replace your pillowcase about once a week with a fresh one. Also be sure to remove your makeup and cleasne thouroughly before bed:)
2. Cleanse your face the correct way. #1 Wash or sanitize your hands before cleansing. If you don't, you will just transfer the bacteria from your hands onto your face. #2 thouroughly remove all makeup before cleansing. By doing this, you will allow your cleanser to clean your skin, NOT your makeup.#3 Be sure to choose a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. #4 cleanse with luke warm water, and wash your skin for at least 45 seconds to a minute, rubbing the product in a circular motion ,then rinsing. If you don't cleanse for long enough, the product won't be getting deep down in the pores.
3. Apply moisturizer within 1 minute of drying your skin. The minute after you dry your skin is the best time to apply moisturizer, because your skin will absorb it better. Again, be sure to choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type.
4. Exfoliate twice weekly. This will allow the dead sluggish skin to be removed, revealing the fresh skin beneath.
5. Hydrate your body. WATER WATER WATER! When you are hydrated, so is your skin. Your skin will look less tired, and less dry by drinking water. It's free, so drink up!! Also, hydrating facial sprays can help keep your skin fresh during the day. I use these alot during winter, when my skin gets flaky.
I wish you all happy, healthy skin!
X's and O's,

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Updates, My Daily Routine, and Random Stuff

Hey there Lovelies,
It's Monday, wooooo! Today, I am going to be going over some updates about myself, random stuff, and a highly requested topic, my daily routine. Let the fun begin. ;)

So, some quick updates. As many of you know, Andre and I have a little apartment that we have been in the process of re-doing. Our living room is finally empty, and wallpaper is being stripped so that new wallpaper and carpet can be put up! The old wallpaper looks like it may put up a little fight coming down, but we are hoping to finish within the week! We were very productive this weekend- we gutted out our bedroom, organized our entire apartment, scrubbed the bathroom down, and started working in the living room! We are an unstoppable duo ;)

On to random topics. What is everyone doing for Valentine's day? Who is your Valentine this year? Of course, I have my Valentine. We talked about Valentine's Day this past weekend, and we were just like "what should we do!?!?" haha. This is our first Valentine's Day together. Amidst all of the work going on in our household this weekend, my overly creative brain thought of some cool ideas for his present. I will share them with you, because i'm certain he won't see this. ;) Don't tell! For one of his gifts, I have been writing him a love letter everyday in a little notebook that I am going to decorate for him. Chessy, huh? I will also get him some champagne and his favorite candy. But, there's a twist to his gift. In order to get it, he has to go on a scavenger hunt and find it! I have hand-painted some clues( in heart shapes of course) to hide around. Each clue will have a little candy or cupon for back rubs,etc. Hopefully, he won't have too much trouble finding it:)
Okay, so now onto some FAQ on my social sites. Alot of people ask why I do not update on weekends. The reason I do not( or rarely do), is because my schedule is busy. During weekdays, this blog is integrated into my schedule.On the weekends, I have larger home projects to work on, etc. This is also when my boyfriend and his family and I can spend some time together after a week of craziness! Another thing I have been getting alot is requests to do a post on my daily routine. So here you have it:

My day begins at 7 am. This is when I get up for breakfast. I don't technically have to wake up at this time, but I like to have breakfast with my boyfriend before he heads off for class. After breakfast, I answer emails,etc on my social sites from you guys. Then, I update this bad boy! I will usually work out right after I update, then I shower and get ready. When I am finished getting ready, it is usually time for lunch. Lunch is the big meal of the day here in Germany. I will sit and eat with whomever is home. After lunch I study, clean, work on other projects, etc. Mondays and Wednesdays I have German class in the evening. Then I hang with Andre for a little before bed. See guys? I'm not really all that interesting!

I have alot of things I am excited to share with you this week!
X's and O's,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Learning, Learning. & Updates!

Hello there ladies and gents,
I wanted to write you a quick post so you can stay updated about what is going on:)

So first off, I had my very first official German class yesterday. I was really nervous about it because I am starting in a semester 3 class, but did not take semesters 1 or 2. After I enrolled in class, I purchased the book and studied for a week. All of that paid off, because I did really well in class, and had done all of the classwork at home already! I am very glad that  I can keep up with the course, and I am defintely staying enrolled! I will have class every Monday and Wednesday evening, so expect some posts about embarrassing mistakes, etc! :)

All around, things are going well. My boyfriend has been applying at some companies to study and work in IT. He has been very stressed out about maybe not being accepted into a program, and having to attend another year of gymnasium before he could do such a program. The schooling system in Germany is changing next year to a point where gymnasium only goes to grade 12. This means that next year, at least double the applications will come pouring into companies because there will be 2 graduating classes from the gymnasiums. My boyfriend has been applying, doing tests and interviews, etc for a few months now. This past Saturday, we recieved a letter from a really good company that he applied at- they offered him a job! He got accepted into a program he really wanted to do, and he will be making good money. I am so happy for him!

Our apartment is also coming together. My boyfriend's brother's room was in our apartment, and  he has been re-doing another room in a different part of the house to move into. His new room is getting the finishing touches tomorrow, and he is moving his things in this weekend. This means that Andre and I get to tear down wall paper, etc for our new living room! Joy, joy, haha. It will be a pain in the butt, but we will have a pretty new living room!

So that is all I have for now as far as updates! I will have a new post either later tonight or tomorrow!
X's and O's,