Saturday, July 20, 2013

Celiac Diaries- People's Reactions

If you are one of the 1:133 Americans with Celiac Disease ( I am one of them), you are probably all too famliar with the reactions you get from others.

" So it's a Food allergy, right?"

"Oh my gosh, I am so glad I am not you!"

" You can just have a little bite, right?"

" Wow you're so high maitinence!"

Blah, blah, blah.

I have had Celiac for a while now, and although I am used to these types of statements, they still irritate me from time to time.

Lately, I have been more annoyed than usual.

A little background :

I first experienced the symptoms of Celiac disease at the age of 4. Throughout my childhood, I got sick really easily, and always had mystery stomach pains. Because no doctor ever even considered that I may have Celiac Disease, I was often dismissed as having "emotional problems". As the years progressed, and I continued to eat Gluten, more severe, yet seemingly unexplainable things started happening. Unexplained seizures, anemia, and even distressed internal organs. You could say I spent a lot of time in the clinics and hospitals. Because a lot of these doctors could not provide any clear answers at the time, whenever I would be sick or end up in the Hospital, people would assume I was doing it for Attention and being dramatic.

Sadly, my Celiac diagnosis, which places the pieces of the puzzle together, hasn't changed people's minds.

I have been getting more comments from people saying things like :

"You're so young to be having all of these health problems"

" Wow, you are like, impossible to go anywhere with"

Yes, I am 21, and unfortunately, I have a fair share of health problems. But, really?

Nobody in the world picked this disease, and I can safely say, I doubt anyone enjoys having it.
I miss eating all of my old favorite foods that I ate as a child, and going out to Restaurants care-free with friends. I miss not having to read the Labels on absolutely everything I put in my mouth.  It sucks to go out with your friends and watch everyone else eat. But let's get this straight, NOBODY asked for this, and it's hard enough to deal with without the ridiculous remarks that others make.

Do any of you Celiacs out there get similar remarks?

X's and O's,