Friday, March 30, 2012

Here comes the Bride:)

Hey Pretties:)

So, I wanted to begin this post with a big thank you. My blog has grown so much, and I want to thank all of you who regularly check up on it. I appreciate the support.

I wanted to continue with an apology. I know it has been so long since I last updated the blog. Alot of super stressful things happened in my life, and I was busy/ unmotivated to blog, etc. But I have some exciting news:


I just got engaged this past week, and I couldn'tbe more excited about it. Here's the catch though : my wedding is in 45 days...yikes! This is awesome because I am impatient, but that's such a short time to plan a wedding! I figured if The Kardashians can plan a wedding in 9 days, 45 is good for me. Although they had more money....

So, I am officially back, and will resume normal features. Look out for another closet essential post coming this week, I am really excited! I will also updat my Manda Likes, because there are new products I want to discuss.

I am dying to show you all April's music of the month. This artist is amazing, and truly one of my favorites of all time. He's been on my Ipod constantly. The artist I am referring to? Aires! Aires is an extremely talented rapper whose lyrics are dark, but inspiring. I cannot wait to do his feature on here. I have a special treat for you as well: I actually did an interview with Aires, and i'll post that on here with his article. I can't wait!!! Here is the link to his youtube channel, check him out to get to know him before the interview! :

I am also going to be blogging about the wedding planning process, and answering wedding questions! I will keep you all updated every step of the way, and of course, post pictures!

I am going to be taking votes on about weather or not I should start a vlog channel. Message or leave a comment there or on here and let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon!!:)