Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Things! & Happy, Healthy Skin:)

Hello Lovlies!,
So, I know I haven't updated in 10 days. So sorry! I didn't forget about you guys, but I had alot going on. I did TRY to do an update letting you know what was going on, but my computer wasn't having it. I am having trouble typing updates, so I am using word on my computer now, and copying and pasting. Joy.
Another reason I haven't updated is that I have been super busy with class, the new apartment, and new things for the blog have been in talks. :) I will be introducing a new feature to the blog called "Music of the Month", where I will be talking about bands I am loving, etc. I have upcoming interviews with some artists coming up, so please stay tuned!
Okay, Okay. Now that you're done hearing my excuses(sorry!), I will share with you some tips for better skin. :)
Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought "What gives? I wash my face daily, remove all my makeup, and use moisturizer. Why is my skin so dull/flaky/broken out? I take care of my skin!" Unfortunately, this is not always enough. There are little things that you maybe don't think about that can be affecting your skin. Here are some tips I swear by for happier skin:
1. Change your pillowcases once weekly. The oil from your hair and other parts of your body rub off on your pillows. When you go to sleep at night, you are essentially your face into a pool of yuck. So, be sure to replace your pillowcase about once a week with a fresh one. Also be sure to remove your makeup and cleasne thouroughly before bed:)
2. Cleanse your face the correct way. #1 Wash or sanitize your hands before cleansing. If you don't, you will just transfer the bacteria from your hands onto your face. #2 thouroughly remove all makeup before cleansing. By doing this, you will allow your cleanser to clean your skin, NOT your makeup.#3 Be sure to choose a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. #4 cleanse with luke warm water, and wash your skin for at least 45 seconds to a minute, rubbing the product in a circular motion ,then rinsing. If you don't cleanse for long enough, the product won't be getting deep down in the pores.
3. Apply moisturizer within 1 minute of drying your skin. The minute after you dry your skin is the best time to apply moisturizer, because your skin will absorb it better. Again, be sure to choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type.
4. Exfoliate twice weekly. This will allow the dead sluggish skin to be removed, revealing the fresh skin beneath.
5. Hydrate your body. WATER WATER WATER! When you are hydrated, so is your skin. Your skin will look less tired, and less dry by drinking water. It's free, so drink up!! Also, hydrating facial sprays can help keep your skin fresh during the day. I use these alot during winter, when my skin gets flaky.
I wish you all happy, healthy skin!
X's and O's,

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