Friday, February 17, 2012

Music of the Month: Blood on the Dance Floor

Hello, Hello!
So, to kick off the "Music of the Month" feature, I am going to feature a favorite band of mine: Blood on the Dance Floor. Have you heard of these guys? They have literally taken over my Ipod. I have been such a big fan of theirs for so long.
Blood on the Dance Floor is, well, a little different. They have pretty much created their own genre. I suppose you could classify it as elecrto/pop/dance/rave/etc music. Alot of their music makes me want to dance. I really respect them, because they say anything. They don't hold back with their music. Alot of their music is really inspirational,too. Their songs carry a message of respect and harmony for all people in the world. Blood on the Dance Floor has become a movement. Their fans are all considered family, and the band stands for "One Love" . Their new album" (R)evolution " come out June 19th, so check it out! I am obsessed with them!
*Note: If you are offended by curse words or explicit material, these guys are probably not for you.

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