Thursday, February 2, 2012

Learning, Learning. & Updates!

Hello there ladies and gents,
I wanted to write you a quick post so you can stay updated about what is going on:)

So first off, I had my very first official German class yesterday. I was really nervous about it because I am starting in a semester 3 class, but did not take semesters 1 or 2. After I enrolled in class, I purchased the book and studied for a week. All of that paid off, because I did really well in class, and had done all of the classwork at home already! I am very glad that  I can keep up with the course, and I am defintely staying enrolled! I will have class every Monday and Wednesday evening, so expect some posts about embarrassing mistakes, etc! :)

All around, things are going well. My boyfriend has been applying at some companies to study and work in IT. He has been very stressed out about maybe not being accepted into a program, and having to attend another year of gymnasium before he could do such a program. The schooling system in Germany is changing next year to a point where gymnasium only goes to grade 12. This means that next year, at least double the applications will come pouring into companies because there will be 2 graduating classes from the gymnasiums. My boyfriend has been applying, doing tests and interviews, etc for a few months now. This past Saturday, we recieved a letter from a really good company that he applied at- they offered him a job! He got accepted into a program he really wanted to do, and he will be making good money. I am so happy for him!

Our apartment is also coming together. My boyfriend's brother's room was in our apartment, and  he has been re-doing another room in a different part of the house to move into. His new room is getting the finishing touches tomorrow, and he is moving his things in this weekend. This means that Andre and I get to tear down wall paper, etc for our new living room! Joy, joy, haha. It will be a pain in the butt, but we will have a pretty new living room!

So that is all I have for now as far as updates! I will have a new post either later tonight or tomorrow!
X's and O's,

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