Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Closet Essential: The LBD

Hey guys,
This is the first of my "Closet Essential" posts. I want to do these to discuss wardrobe basics. I figured the perfect way to start the series was with my personal favorite- The Little Black Dress.

I am sure everyone has heard the phrase " Little Black Dress", but what exactly is a LBD? Some folks think that it is simply a back dress that you own. Any black dress. Any style. To me, a LBD is so much more.

Personally, I think that a LBD is one of the most key pieces in a girls closet. It should fit several requirements: It should fit you like a glove. This dress should not be too tight or too loose anywhere, it should fit you perfectly, and flatter your figure. Secondly, this dress should be able to transform. Of course, the dress should be beautiful on its own. You should be able to wear it alone to a classy event. But this dress should be able to be dressed up or down. While it should look great on it's own, you should be able to take it to over the top with a few key accessories and shoes. You should also be able to wear this dress casually. With the correct shoes and layers, this dress can be an everyday outfit. 

So, how do you find the perfect LBD? First of all, I don't reccomend anything seasonal. I wouldn't choose a dress that was styled only for summer or spring, etc. Choose something that is appropriate all year round. I also don't reccomend anything with a design( flowers, polka dots, etc). I think that the dress should be a classy black one. This is just my opinion, though :) Pick a good material. While a cotton LBD may be good for those casual times, it's hard to make a cotton dress look classy. My personal LBD is satin. Lastly, if you find a good one that fits perfectly, but may be a little pricey, splurge. It is always worth it to splurge on basics, because you will wear them so often. Your LBD will come to your fashion rescue more than you think!
Good luck ladies! I hope you find "the one". What does YOUR LBD look like?
X's and O's,

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