Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Marriage Trend

Hey Sugar Pies,
So there's a topic that's been on my mind alot lately. Marriage. Why? I am begining to see a new trend when it comes to marriage. I haven't found any statistics that prove this or anything, this is just what I have noticed!

Think of your grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa likely didn't wait until they were in their late 20's until they were married. Most people your grandparent's age got married very young, and started families young as well. They weren't in 5 year relationships before they decided to get married. Okay, there may have been a few exceptions, but as far as my grandparents and most people I have spoken withs grandparents, they were together for less than a year ( in my paternal grandparent's case, less than 3 months) before tying the knot. Our grandparent's generation didn't have much of a divorce rate, either. Maybe not all of them had happy marriages, but they seemed to try settling issues, or at least hold on. I don't necessarily think that it is good to hold on for the sake of not getting divorced, but this generation didn't call it quits easily!

Now, on to your parents. Our parent's generation had a HUGE divorce rate. I hardly know anyone whose parents stayed married. Most people my parent's age have been married and divorced- sometimes multiple times! So many people my age are children of divorce. Our parents split, we were bounced around between houses, etc. Some parents left entirely. As far as when they got married, I think there was a good mix of those who waited until they were a little older and those who married young. The majority of people I know, however, waited until they were a little older and were in longer term relationships.

So here's what has caught my attention lately. People my age( I am 20, been out of high school 2 years). SO many people around my age, or who I graduated high school with are getting married, engaged, starting families, etc. I am friends with a lot of the people I graduated with on my social network sites, and it seems like everytime I log in, a new person has gotten engaged, married, or pregnant. Last week alone, 4 girls from my graduating class were married. Several got engaged. I have been noticing this for awhile. It seems to me that people are getting engaged or married younger and younger! I personally think that the trend is cool. I really believe that my generation does take marriage very seriously. Many of us were children of divorce, and we know how hard it was for both our parents and us. The people I know who have gotten married couldn't be happier, and I think it's awesome. I am personally in a serious relationship where marriage is in the works( in the not TOO distant future;)), and I hope everyone my age who is getting engaged, married, etc, have very happy marriges. Of course, we cannot tell what the divorce rate of people our age will be, but I hope it is nowhere near where our parent's divorce rate was!

So all of this being said, what do you think? Are the trends different where you live? Do you think the trend is positive? Comment below!
X's and O's,

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