Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sugarfee- A Little Backround

Happy Weekend!
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and is experiencing beautiful sunny weather, as one should in July. Here, it has rained the ENTIRE summer. It's been raining non-stop all week >.<

I want to give everyone a little backround on my upcoming website "SugarFee".

First things first, why the name? I have a nickname given to me by my in-laws "zuckerfee". This means "sugar fairy" in German. They call me this because I have a MAJOR sweet-tooth, and the sweeter, the better. I eat the most sugary treats sometimes. When coming up with a name for my website, I thought this was a cute idea, but I wanted to make the name half German/ half English. So I decided on Sugar Fee!

So, why did I want to make a website? As much as I love blogger, I want to extend my content in ways that I feel would be better presented with my own website. Sugar Fee will feature regular blog posts, inspiration boards, a section for Andre to post, a blog belonging to us both, lots of contact information, etc. Plus, tons more photos and possibly videos! :)

Sugar Fee is currently being constructed, but I will post as normal here. I think I will keep this blog running as well, but that is to be determined :p

Thanks to everyone who reads, I appreciate your support:)

What would you like to see on Sugar Fee??

X's and O's,

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