Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Things: Week-of Tips !

Hey Beauties,

For today's post, I want to share some tips for you for the week of your wedding! I even have tips for the grooms, since they are kind of important, too ;) These tips will help you de-stress, keep things running smoothly, and of course, keep you looking your best! Enjoy:)

~Several days prior to the wedding, confirm all beauty appointments.

~ Make a schedule for the week-of. Write down a to-do list for each day. Delegating yourself a small list of things to do each day will provide for a more stress-free week. Leave yourself next to nothing to do the day before! You need to get lots of rest that day:)

~Pamper yourself everyday. Take bubble baths, use lots of lotion, face masks, etc. This will help you relax and look fab!

~ RELAX. Here's the thing: something (small or large) is bound to not turn out just how you wanted it to. Have backup plans for anything possible, but try not to freak out when things are out of your control. Weddings should be a fun, exciting time. Remember the purpose of this day : you're marrying the man of your dreams! Take a moment to reflect on the most important thing when things get crazy.

~Confirm details with all of your vendors!

~Create a day-of schedule. This can take alot of stress off of your plate!

~Chill with your fiancee! Go for a walk, watch a movie, try to spend some quality together before the big day!

~ Create a day-of bridal emergency kit!

 ~Take care of yourself. Drink tons of water, eat nutritious foods, take vitamins, and  get plenty of rest!


~ Take care of yourselves. Get lots of sleep, eat well, drink lots of water, and take vitamins! You don't want to fall ill for your wedding day!

~Good grooming(hehe). Put more effort into your appearence. Make sure your nails are in good condition( yes it DOES matter,you will likely have photosof your hands) make sure you are clean-shaven, use lotion

~Be as helpful as possible. Help your bride with last-minute tasks!

~ Spend some quality time with your bride:)

~Work on your speeche(s)! DO NOT TRY TO IMPROVISE! :p

Diary July 25, 2012:
Today involved alot! I did alot of cleaning, baking, and last minute projects! Tomorrow is the day before, and there is so much to do! We are having Andre's aunts and uncles over tomorrow for a barbeque, I am having a step in my hair process done, I am pulling my emergency kit together, doing a final cleaning of our place, a little first dance rehearsal,  and of course, we need a good night's rest! I will update tomorrow!

Are yoou enjoying the Wedding Things series?

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