Friday, July 13, 2012

My Beauty Profile

Hello Dolls,

I have watching/posting a lot of review recently, and many people (including myself) share a common problem: when saying you don't care for a product or wouldn't re-purchase it, it  seems like you have to make a long disclaimer so you don't slam the product. For example: say I purchase a foundation, and it shows alot of dry patching on my skin, and I just don't really care for it. When it is on a "products I regret buying" post, people who may have an entirely different skin type than myself take these things to heart. Maybe it will discourage people from buying a product, or maybe someone who uses the product and loves it will see the post and start accusing me of "defaming" their favorite brand, etc. So I thought of an idea. Today I am doing a "beauty profile" post. This is basically going to be a breif beauty bio explaining my personal skin type, etc. so people have something to refer to when making desicions about products I review. I want to mention that I will absolutely continue to review products 100% honestly, and will be upfront when I do not like a product. Here you go! :)

Beauty Bio:

Name: Amanda:)
Age: 20
Country:Germany (I am an American, though!)

Skin Type: combination skin with an oily t-zone, and dry patching in some spots
Skin Tone: Very fair, I always need the lightest foundations available! I have cool undertones.

Eyelids: Mine are hooded!
Eyelashes: Very long, and dark. Decently full, but I always look for volumizing mascaras.

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Length: Long
Thickness: Medium, very healthy
Style: A few long layers, and side swept bangs. Needs a little help holding a curl in humid weather, and needs a little help with volume,

That is all I can think of at the moment. I would like to see more gurus do these and then link them in review posts. That way, if someone hates a foundation I was interested in trying, I can see if we have similar skin types, etc. I think these would be really helpful. Please tag your favorite gurus, and let's see if we can get more of these going around in the beauty community. I would like to tag Kristy Hank from Just Another Day to do a Beauty Bio!

Do you think these would be helpful?
X's and O's,

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  1. This is a good idea! Thanks for tagging me, I will do it soon. :)