Thursday, July 12, 2012

My June Empties!

Hey Beauties,

I have been thinking about a new series to start with my posts, and the other day, I came across the idea of doing "empties" posts! I think it is a cool way to review products. Basically, I am going to do an "empties" post when I run out of a few products. I will show the products and give little reviews, as well as say weather or not I will be re-purchasing the products, and my reasons. The products I am reviewing today are a bunch of products that I ran out of in June/ a little earlier this month!
*DISCLAIMER* What works for me, may not work for you. I have my own hair/skin/lash type as well as my own personal ideas of what I look for in a product. Please take these things into consideration when debating on purchasing or trying these prodcuts.

1. Baratti Bath and Body "Enjoy Sensual Moments" body cream. I loved this product. It has a very wonderful, sweet smell to it, and it very hydrating. It feels very luxurious on the skin. I got this, and a bunch of other scents because they were on sale for 1.95(euros) a piece. Would defintely re-purchase, as it is a wonderful cream at a good price. I am trying other scents now, however:)

2. Maybelline's Falsies Mascara. I know I have reviewed this before, but I absolutely adore this mascara. It is my holy grail mascara! I already repurchased it, because I always have tubes of this on hand! Only downside is that here in Germany, it is alot more expensive than in America :(

3. Declare' Hand Care UVA/UVB Anti-aging hand creme. I wasn't too impressed with this product. It came in a little 5 euro gift bag from HC Perfumerie awhile ago. It has a bad smell, and it wasn't that hydrating. I found myself needing to re-apply it constantly. And it is pretty pricey. I will not be re-purchasing this product, because I can purchase hand cremes from the drug store that I feel are more hydrating.

4. Lancome's Hydra Zen moisturizer. I purchased this from Douglas in late May. It was brand new, and so they were selling it for 10 euros, along with a free gift of a Lancome cleansing milk and Toner for your skin type. I was really excited for this product. It is supposed to work for all skin types. I have combinatinon skin, and had high hopes for this product. All in all, it was a good product. It was very hydrating, and smells wonderful. However, I was decieved by the display! The display at Douglas was showing a full sized jar, and the package that the sample I purchased came in was alot bigger than the actual jar, leading me to believe I was purchasing a larger product. I guess that is my fault though, for really thinking I could get a normal sized jar inexpensively from Lancome :p It is a good moisturizer, and I do reccomend it if you are willing to splurge a little bit. I am considering re-purchasing this product, but I have quite a few moisturizers i'd like to use up first.

5. Care Love Eye Cream. I really enjoy this eye cream. It is extremely hydrating, and a great deal. I pay 5 Euros per tube, and each tub lasts about 3-4 months. It is sold at Douglas. I have already re-purchased! I would also love to try the Care Love Night Cream.

6. 12 Benefits Rapid Blowout Blow Dry Spray. LOVE!!! This is an AMAZING hair product. I have reviewed it, and featured it in a favorites post. It really makes a difference in dry time and how shiny my hair is, among other benefits! It is semi-pricey (my stylist sold it to me at 18 USD a bottle), but worth every penny! Plus, if you use it once a day, it will last you a long time! Mine lasted 5 months with near-daily use. Would love to re-purchase, but can't find it here!

7. Loreal's De-Crease eye primer. I did like this product, but it does not live up to its promise of 8 hours no-creasing. It holds really well for about 5, then I find myself doing touch ups. I did notice a big difference in the color payoff of my eyeshadows, and the formula is really creamy. All in all, a great drugstore primer. I will not be re-purchasing, though, just because I have a few other primers I am trying out.

8. Clinique's High Impact mascara. I absolutely love Clinique, and this is a great mascara. It gives a really clean, long look to the lashes. It isn't horribly over-priced. I don't reccomend it if you want tons of volume, but this is good for more natural looks, or if you prefer lengthening mascaras. It doesn't smear and smudge, either, which is a big bonus for me! I would re-purchase this mascara.

9. Clean and Clear Daily Pore Cleanser. This cleanser does make my skin feel very clean, however the exfoliating scrubbers are so small, that I don't really feel like my skin was being very exfoliated, which is something I value in a cleanser, as I get dry patching. This would be a great cleanser for someone who doesn't have dry or combination skin. I will not be re-purchasing this product.

10. Elkos makeup remover wipes. I cannot stand these. I picked them up at the supermarket, and decided to give them a try because they are 50 euro-cents cheaper than my normal brand. The smell is awful, and they don't feel very moist! I tried storing them upside down, everything! They were hardly moist, and I needed 2-3 wipes per use! Needless to say, I will gladly be spending a little more money on bettter quality wipes next time.

Wow! That was a lot of empties! I would really like to see YOUR empties!!

X's and O's,

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