Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diary:Food for Thought

Hey Everyone!

This week was a big week for me, and the next coming days will be even bigger because I am getting married in 3 days! I was inspired by so much last week, so I wanted to make a post sort of rambling:)

The first thing that inspired me this week was two different quotes. The first quote is "You can have whatever you're willing to struggle for" and "You can have it all, just not all at once." These quotes really hit home with me. You see, I have had all of these really high expectations of myself and my fiance. I expected to get married, we'll both start making great money, afford this fabulous trip to the US next summer, have our other wedding in the states, re-do our apartment, and afford whatever we want. With some recent large purchases (and the wedding), I realized that all of that was, well,  a little unrealistic. At first when I realized we were going to have to work really hard to save for everything, and it would take awhile, I immediately became discouraged. I felt like everything was falling apart, nothing was going as planned. But then I came across those two quotes and thought "we may have to make small sacrifices here and there, but we will eventually get there."

No matter what your goals are, nothing in life is free. You won't acheive your goals without at least a little sacrifice. If you're not willing to sacrifice, you don't want it bad enough!

In the spirit of my wedding, I will be making alot of wedding things posts this week. I will also do a diary entry for each remaining day to the wedding (what we have to do, etc) I hope you are all enjoying my Wedding Things series, I plan to continue it through the summer! All other normal blog features will resume next week!

X's and O's,

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