Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Healthy Living: Let's Talk Iron

Happy Tuesday!
In this "Healthy Living" post, I want to talk about Iron, and it's signifigance to your health.

Last week, I had some tests at my doctor's office for having an underactive thyroid. I had so many symptoms, and when my tests came back, my suspicions of a thyroid problem were spot on. But, the doctor also informed me that I am Anemic, and had extremely low levels of Iron. Iron Deficiency Anemia is pretty common, and pretty easy to treat with supplements and increased Iron intake. However, it's only an easy fix if the cause of your low Iron levels are diet related. I will be tested again in 2 months, as my doctor suspects I may  have an intestional problem with absorbing Iron. I never really knew how important it was to have sufficient Iron! I have been on Iron supplements for 5 days, and I already feel alot better! Here are some reasons why Iron is so important, symptoms of Iron deficiency, and a list of some Iron- rich foods!

Iron's crucial role is to transport oxygen in your blood to your organs. In addition, it helps produce connective tissues in our bodies, and helps keep your immune system strong. That being said, it is extremely important that we have an adequate intake!

Some symptoms that you may be lacking in Iron:
~ Hair loss
~Paleness of the skin

Most people don't exhibit many signs. I had all of the above, however, the symptoms of Anemia and Hypoactive Thyroid are so similar, so I was REALLY tired, extreme hair loss, etc. If you suspect you may be lacking Iron, you can make an appointment with your doctor to have a test done. It is a simple blood test.

Here are some really Iron-rich foods. Eat your favorites of these as much as possible!
~ Spinich, and all leafy, or collared greens
~ Ham
~Tuna, Salmon, Hallibut
~ Beans
~ Varieties of seeds
Bonus tip: Vitamin C helps the body absorb Iron, so be sure to get plenty of it!
I really hope these tips and information were helpful!

X's and O's,


  1. good post
    i to have been anemic for 9 months :(
    taking galfer syrup for iron,takes disgusting!!
    hope you get better soon x

  2. Oh no! I heard that stuff is awful! :( Thank you, I hope you don't have to take that syrup too much longer!