Friday, July 6, 2012

Wedding Things: In Case Of Emergency

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! Wedding season is here, so I plan on doing alot more "Wedding Things"  posts. One topic that has been on my mind is wedding emergencies, and how to cope. Although I certainly hope nothing goes wrong on mine, or anyone else's wedding, let's face it; it's bound to happen. Normally it's something minor(i.e. your flowers aren't exact, a member of your wedding party is late for beauty appointments, etc) Or, it could be a more complicating situation. Here are a few tips for how to deal, along with a emergency check list for your emergency kit!
~ Try not to stress too much. Sure, you want everything to be absolutely perfect, but if the flowers aren't EXACT, what is it hurting? Your guests probably won't take notice, and there's no use stressing over things beyond your control.

~ Accept help. It's totally ok to ask your maid of honor or other bridal party members to deal with mini dillemas, or just help out. You should be happy and care-free today. Ask for help when things get crazy.

~Have a back-up plan. Planning for the worst can help ease our mind the day-of. Planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception? Have an indoor venue in line, just in case. If there happens to be rain, you won't be stuck outside figuring out what to do. Same goes for entertainment, etc.

Next, and very importantly, every bride should have a Bridal Emergency Kit. This kit should contain all essentials you might possibly need. From fashion emergencies, hair emergencies to falling ill, all brides should be prepared. Here's what you need:

~ A bag for all of your essentials. You can give this to your maid of honor or other VIP. It should be easy to access throught the day.
~ Stain remover pen
~ Bobby pins
~blotting sheets
~ makeup, for touch ups
~ Tissues
~ Gum, dental floss
~ Mini sewing kit, including threads that match your dress, and your bridal party's dresses
~ Pain reliever
~ Saftey pins
~ fashion tape
~ tampons, pads, pantyliners
~ bandaids
~ perfume, deoderant
~ hand creme
~ clear naill polish for stocking runs
~ the nail polish you are wearing for touch-ups
~ cash (just in case)
~ a cell phone
~ A list of all vendors, and phone numbers
~ easy to pack snacks
~ makeup remover wipes and q-tips
~ your moisturizer, and other essential skincare products

I know it sounds like alot, but if any emergency occurs, you'll be thankful you brought these things.
Bonus tip: learn the basics of your hairstyle with your stylist, and bring someone with you. That way , you can fix your hair if something goes wrong! Same goes for your makeup!

Hope this was helpful! Anything I left off of the list?
X's and O's,

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