Monday, July 16, 2012

Christmas in July?!?

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Andre and I are finishing up last minute wedding details this week only 11 more days! EEEK! A Wedding Things post will be up later this week :)

So this is semi random, and not really beauty related, but I wanted to know if I am the only one who does this. Do any of you plan ahead for Christmas ridiculously early? I totally do! I always start doing a little planning during the summer. Why? The holidays can be costly, and time consuming. Around late summer, I always make a list of who I need to purchase gifts for, an approximate amount I want to spend, etc. This way, I can set aside just a little bit of money every month. This relieves alot of financial stress around the holidays. Am I totally crazy?!?:p

My wedding is so close! I keep having nightmares about losing my dress, etc. I am very excited as our countdown comes to a close! I know we will have a wonderful wedding that is lots of fun!

What are your plans this week?

X's and O's,

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