Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Makeup Trends!

Hey Beauty Babies!
Today, I really want to talk about Spring makeup trends that I am just loving! Spring is definitely my favorite time of year: the blooming flowers and trees, the awesome weather, and of course, fashion and beauty!

My number one favorite makeup trend this season is the Bright Pink Lip. I can't get enough of this look! I finally got the guts to purchase a bright pink high-shine lipgloss about a month ago, and it is my favorite! I think it is really pretty for spring. Another cool thing is that when rocking bold lips like these, you can( well, you should) keep the rest of your makeup simpler, so that the lips stand out. I love being able to keep the eyes to a minimum, then throw on the hot pink lipgloss! A bold lip makes you look like you put alot of effort into your makeup; it's the quickest way to look more done-up. I like to wear brown shadows and eyeliners while sporting these lips. It really makes the color pop!

The other trend I cannot get enough of is the pastel colors for eyes! Especially shades of lavender. I really think it compliments most eye colors really well. It is soft, but gorgeous, also perfect for spring. I love wearing the purple shadows with a dark brown liner. It looks nice for a night out, and I am sure I will wear purple eyes for my upcoming Spring wedding!

What are YOUR favorite spring trends? Comment below!
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