Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Closet Essential : Black & Nude Pumps

Hello Beauties!

In today's Closet Essential post, I want to talk about my favorite shoes : black& nude pumps! Black or nude pumps are classics, and can go with anything from jeans to dresses! They are versatille, and I think they really add something to your outfit.

Unlike other closet essentials , (i.e. perfect jeans), your pumps can be more tailored to your preferences. They can be as high as you like, platform, no platform, etc! My reccomendation is that they aren't any style that is too extreme ( lacing halfway up your leg, anyone?). Nude pumps go with absolutely EVERYTHING. Yes, I mean EVERYTHING! They will match any color you are wearing. Black will match just about everything. I defintely reccomend having a pair of each in your closet. You can pair your pumps with skinny jeans and any top for a casual/put together look, or go for glam by rocking a beautiful dress. A bonus? Nude pumps elongate your legs when you are showing off your legs. Who couldn't use longer legs, right? Here are a few extra tips for your never-fail pumps:

1. If you are fuller in your legs, avoid straps that wrap around the ankle when purchasing black pumps. They can cut your leg length off, and make your legs appear thicker.

2. Make sure you can walk in your pumps. Walk around the store a bit to get a feel for them. Practice makes perfect! Remember to walk heel to toe, don't lift your legs  up and set them down! A tip to see if they are a good heaight for you : stand straight, and try to stand up in your shoes. If you can life yourself out of the shoe with ease, these will likely be comfy for you!

3. The color "nude" can vary. While general nude tones will look great with anything, I reccomend a nude that is similar to your personal skin tone.

That's all for today's Closet Essential! I love heels:) Look out for another product review and Wedding things post coming soon!
X's and O's,

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