Monday, April 30, 2012

Product Review: Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foudation

Hello Beauties!

For today's product review ( yes, another drugstore review), I want to talk about The Dream Matte Mousse Foundation from Maybelline. I am going to be straight up honest with you. This is by far the worst foundation I have ever used. When I first purchased it, I was excited because I had seen the commmercials, and the concept seemed so cool. Then I got it home, and used it for a few weeks. It was AWFUL. Yes, the mousse texture is awesome, and defintely a cool idea. However, no matter how little of product I used, it always felt extremely heavy on my face. It appeared very cakey, no matter how much effort I would spend blending it. I tried both a foundation brush and sponge, neither could fix it! I am an extremely pale person, and I usually need one of, if not the lightest foundation available in most lines of makeup. I got the very lightest that they had, and it would still appear orange-ish. It also felt like it settled into my skin. My mother (she's 48, and has wrinkles) used the foundaiton, and it just settled into he wrinkles and fine lines. I have combination skin, and it really accentuated dry patching. All in all, the product was dissappointing, and I would defintely not repurchase it. There are too many decent foundations available at drugstores that are such better quality, for a similar price. I reccomed purchasing a different one! I have the same complaints about their airbrush liquid foundation, and have heard that the new foam foundation is not the best, either. I think the concepts are awesome, but need perfecting. But hey, Maybelline has my favorite drugstore mascaras and eyeshadows-props!

Have you tried this product? Thoughts?

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