Monday, April 2, 2012

Closet Essential : The Perfect Jeans. and other stuff:)

Hey Sunshines:)

So today I am getting back in the swing of things with the blog. As you can imagine, it is somewhat difficult to plan a wedding on such short notice! So today, I will tell you some things that have been going on, and we will talk about my second favorite closet essential, the perfect jeans.

Another reason I have been slow on updating is that I hurt myself last week :( Andre and I were barbequing with some friends, and the next thing I knew, we were at the hospital :( My knee had gone completely out of place, then back in, but it was very painful! I dont remember how it happened, but the pain was something fierce. I have been wearing a brace, using crutches, and have had to give myself daily injections in the stomach so I don't get a blood clot in my leg! :( I did have an MRI last Friday, and my appointment with the knee specialist is tomorrow morning, so I will keep you guys posted. I am hoping nothing serious is wrong, and that I can start walking normally soon! The weather turned around to Spring just as I hurt myself, and I can't wait to start running around outside:)

Closet Essential:The Perfect Jeans

My second favorite closet essential next to the LBD, these jeans are really magical. They fit you perfectly, and flatter your figure. They can be dressed up or down, and worn in any season. These are perfect jeans.

Jeans are such a versatile item. The same pair of jeans can reflect 10 different girls' styles. It's all about what you pair them with. Every woman should have a pair of jeans that fit her like a glove, and save the day, anyday. When looking for these jeans, I suggest taking your time. First and foremost, these jeans need to fit well, perfectly. These jeans need to be comfortable, and look awesome on you. Your figure should look awesome, no matter what your size! Ask sales associates to help you find your perfect size and fit. Don't be shy if you need to go up a size, either. I know too many girls who are only concerned with the size on the tag. For instance, if you are a true size 6, but squeeze yourself into 4s because it is a 4, you're not going to look a size 4. You're probably not even going to look a size 6. You will only make yourself look worse. Plus, you'll likely be pretty uncomfortable! When your jeans fit, you will look slimmer and flattered. Another tip I have is the style. The goal with this particular pair is to have a more classic wash and style. Sure, distressed denim looks awesome, but you can't really dress it up. Denim without holes or flashy designs, however, can be dressed both up AND down. I suggest a pair without holes, studs, and other designs. I also suggest a medium to dark wash. This wash is more flattering, and in my opinion, looks much better dressed up than a lighter wash. Also, it is okay to splurge on this item. The perfect jeans may be pricier, but when you calculate how many times you will turn to these jeans, it is worth the price! If you find a pair at an awesome deal, super! But don't skip the perfect fit or style because another pair was cheaper. The splurge is an investment, I swear!:)

Okay, quick wedding update! I found my dress already! I am completely in love with it. I really can't go into many details, because I want my fiance' to be suprised. I don't want him to know the details of what it looks like, or worse , see a photo. I promise I will have pics up shortly after the wedding. Also, we will have a wedding website up soon, and I will link that so you can all check it out! Do you guys have any food ideas? We are making some of our own, and we'd like your ideas! I am making tuxedo strawberries and heart shaped brownines, but we'd love more suggestions!

Lastly but not leastly, I am releasing my interview with Aires Wednesday! I also just noticed I forgot to link his youtube channel in my last post, so :

Please check him out, and subscribe!

Until tomorrow!


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