Friday, June 22, 2012

Guys and Beauty Routines

Hey Everyone!
So, do you know any difficult guys who oppose certain "beauty" regimines because they seem "girly"? Most of us know have a brother, guy friend, boyfriend, etc who is totally resistant to doing anything that seems "girly". Take my fiancee for example. He has great hygiene in terms of showering daily, brushing his teeth regularly, using deoderant/cologne, and he even uses a little hair product. His fashion sense is great, too. So yes, he's clean but...

He doesn't use lotion, doesn't take any care of his nails( he bites them), hates to use conditioner in his hair because it "takes too much time", and doesn't really cleanse his face. He has good skin, and showers daily but I am just like "you have to actually use a facial CLEANSER!" Guys can be difficult.

Here are a few tips to get the difficult guy in your life to step up the beauty  routine!

1. 2 in 1  shampoo. Is it the best for your hair? No. But if your guy is like mine, he wants to be in and out of the shower, no time for conditioner, the 2 in 1 is better than no conditioner.

2. Massages. This is the easiest way I can get my fiancee to apply lotion. By giving him a massage. I just massage the lotion into his skin! I don't have time for this too often, but he appreciates it, and so does his skin.

3. Cleansing wipes. Again, not the BEST way to clean your face, but better than nothing. You could even put them on the nightstand for those nights where he's feeling too lazy to get up and just wants to head straight to bed.

4. Hands. Again, offer him a hand massage with hand creme, and offer to apply cuticle oil, file his nails, etc. I find that most guys are willing to go with things like that if you convince them it will somehow improve their appearence ;) haha!

I know that was breif, but I wanted to just share those few quick tips with you guys. Dudes can be beauiful too! :)

X's and O's,

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