Friday, June 29, 2012

Closet Essentials Summer Edition; Shorts

Hello Sunshines!!

For today's Closet Essential post, I want to talk about the ultimate summer staple: shorts.
Why are shorts a staple? Well, BECAUSE IT'S FREAKING HOT OUTSIDE! Shorts are also fabulous because they can be taken from summer into colder months too!

When choosing shorts, consider your body type. If you are super curvy, or very bottom heavy, you may be seeking shorts with more coverage that flatter your figure. Like jeans, I reccommed dark wash denim and dark colors if you want a slimming effect. I also reccommend having a variety of styles/lengths of shorts in your closet. This goes for EVERY girl. While your super short shorts may be okay for throwing over your bathing suit, they may not be appropriate for ALL summer functions you might attend. So it's good to have at least one pair that provides you with decent coverage. My favorite shorts are awesome because they are rolled short, but I can roll them up or down, depending on how much leg I want to show.

Have fun with your shorts, and pick bright colors, crazy patterns, whatever you like! What better time than Summer for experimenting with bright prints and colors? Make sure your shorts fit you well, aka, they fit well in the waist, and are not brutally squeezing your legs. I personally don't spend alot of money on shorts, either. Why? I might buy a pair of trendy shorts that are trendy NOW, but wouldn't work the next year. If you want to wear your shorts into the fall/winter seasons, just pair them with some leggings or tights, and voila! You can rock those babys year round!

What are your favorite shorts this season?
X's and O's,

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