Friday, June 15, 2012

Brand Review :E.L.F

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Today, I want to review the brand E.L.F. I was originally going to review products from the brand, but there were so many, I thought I would review the brand as a whole. So here it goes...

The biggest attraction consumers have to this brand is very clear: the ridiculously cheap price tag on all of the items. Now more than ever, people are always on the hunt for the best bargain they can get. Especially with beauty products. With tighter budgets, alot of drugstore makeup is considered expensive. And don't even talk about department store brands. When a 8 dollar drugstore foundation is expensive to you, you'd fall over at the sight of department store prices! So women are looking for the best deals they can get at their local drugstores. E.L.F has been the most inexpensive brand I have seen to date (you can get a 100 piece shadow pallete for 10 dollars). But is it really a bargain? Are you getting what you pay for?

I have mixed opinions. Sure,  it's awesome that you can buy makeup brushes for a dollar each. But just how good of quality are those brushes/lipglosses, etc? Here are some mini review on various products:

Brushes: In my experience, it's really a hit and miss with elf brushes. I have some brushes from the brand that I have had for a while now, and are still going strong. On the same token, I have purchased brushes that lasted for a week, or fell apart after 2 washes. I bought 2 of the same shadow brushes, and one was flexible and soft, the other was stiff and a little rough. I will say that the brushes from their studio line are awesome quality, and I have never had an issue.

Shadows: I own the 100 piece palette from the brand, and I do like it. It was 10 dollars, which was stupidly cheap. I feel like the palette contains a good mix of matte and shimmer shades, and while it has every color you could imagine wearing on your eyes, alot of the colors are very wearable for everyday. The pigmentation is also pretty good.

Eye Primer: I wasn't overly impressed with the eye primer, but for a dollar, I couldn't complain. It does work, however I found that my shadow started creasing around the 4th hour . Will it work for a long day? probably not. But it does its job of saturating shadow colors and helping them last. I reccomend Using a powder on your lid to set the primer before you apply shadow. This will help prolong the primer.

Lipgloss: Personally, not a fan. The colors are nice, but the formula is awful. Very thick and VERY sticky.

Cream Liner: The cream liner is good, however the angled brush they provide is poor quality. I  defintely reccomend using your own brush. Also, they don't last long. Mine hardened after a few weeks with the lid tightly secured. Hmm..

Mascara: WORST.MASCARA.EVER. ok, so it is probably ok for a 12 year old who is starting out with makeup, but I was not a fan of the brush or formula!

Conclusion: All in all, I think the brand is a good one. Is it stellar? I wouldn't say so. However for the price you pay, it's pretty decent. Some products were really good, and others not. I would suggest checking out the line to younger girls who are just begining with makeup. It is affordable, and the products are more appropriate for people who are younger. But I also suggest everyone try it for themselves, because let's face it, if you buy a product for a dollar and you hate it, it's no biggie!

What do you think of this brand? What is your favorite product by E.L.F? Let me know!
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  1. Hey Amanda! Great brand review, I completely agree that their mascara is horrible. I have not tried out the essential line brushes, but the studio line works well for me too! I love your blog, I followed! I would love it if you could check mine out at Thanks, and great post!