Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding Things: Makeup

I'm bacccckk! :)
Thank you to everyone for being so understanding while I took some time away to focus on my wedding. I appreciate it, and got alot done! Still a lot to do, but I will be resuming regular posting again. My wedding is in 43 days! AHHHH!:)

In today's Wedding Things post, I wanted to discuss bridal/bridal party makeup. For brides especially, choosing your makeup for your wedding day can be so hard! I've been looking into makeup for my wedding day, and I was suprised at the advice I found online. There seems to be no consistent answers when it comes to bridal makeup! One thing I noticed is that many people advise brides to wear very natural/ bear minimum makeup. Ok, true you don't want to look like a clown or a whole other person, but I think it depends on the person. I change my makeup daily, but I go for smokey, or more complicated eyes than natural looks. So why should someone who likes to rock bolder eyes all of the sudden be wearing next-to-nothing eye makeup? In my opinion, it doesn't make any sense! When choosing your makeup, consider your personal style, wedding colors/theme, time of year, and make sure to choose a look that photographs well. My wedding color is purple, so I hope to be incorporating that into my eye makeup. Nothing too heavy, but a little smokey. Stick within your comfort zone. I have friends who were upset that they weren't wearing enough makeup on their wedding day, and I have heard of people who cry because it's just way too much! Also keep in mind that this is a long day! Don't choose anything that will smear or fade quickly. Of course you'll need to touch up at some point, but too much makeup on the eyes can leave you looking like a raccoon. Here are some more universal tips for bridal makeup:

1. Prime and set. Use a face primer and eye primer. This will make the makeup not only look better, but last longer. After makeup is applied, set with powder, and then a finishing spray. You want to really lock everyhing in. Hint:If you're using creamy or pencil liner, set with a matching eyeshadow color.

2. Contour. Contouring provides definition and dimension to your face. It's especially important to have this because you will be photographed more than ever on your wedding day. Flash photography can wash out your features. Contouring counteracts this.

3. Highlight. Highlight your cheek bones, brow bones, and center of the face for a beautiful glow. Highlighting also adds dimension to your face, and brings more light in.

4. Waterproof. Even if you don't cry, you never know what emotions are going to creep up on you on the most special day of your life. Not to mention, you might sweat a little from all the dancing! Waterproof mascara is non-negotiable. Use waterproof or liquid liner if you can too.

5. Bring a touch up bag filled with your essentials to eep your makeup fresh throughout the day.

6. Smile. That's the most beautiful thing you can wear on your wedding day.

I hope these tips were helpful!
X's and O's,

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