Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Married Life Tag *Tag Week Extended*

Hello, hello!

Due to some things that came up, I am extending tag week today. I will do this tag, and the last tag will be up later today! Normal posts will resume tomorrow. Thanks for all of your patience!

The Basics

Name: Amanda

Birthday: October 18th

Birthplace: Washington, USA

Where were you raised? Lots of places in the USA

Current Location: Germany!

More about you

Are you divorced? nope!

Are you married? Yes, this is the married life tag, right?

Date of marriage: July 27th, 2012

Date you met: March 20, 2011

How did he purpose? He took me to a memorial and proposed there.

Did you cry? A little bit!

Did he cry? No, but he was very red and nervous, it was adorable:)

About him

His name: Andre'

His birthdate: March 17th

Where was he raised? Germany

His occupation? IT Technician

The first time you saw him you thought? I honestly thought he was a rude guy at first, but changed my mind later that day!

Where was your first date? A roller derby!

When was your first kiss? Shortly after we met.

Your life together

Do you have children? no

If yes, how many? none

Was he there for the birth? NO KIDS! :p

How long did you wait before you had children? We are still waiting

If you have kids, will you have more? We would like two or three.

Most romantic thing he has ever done? Taken me to Paris on a date!

Memory of him that sticks out the most? The day he asked me to be his girlfriend:)

Is he still the only one you have eyes for? Absolutely.

Is your life better because of him? In more ways than I can describe.

Does he encourage you in what you want to do? Yes, he is so suportive.

Best gift he ever gave you? His love, and promise to love me forever.

The family

What do your parents think of him? They really like him!

What does he think of your parents? He likes them alot!

What dose his parents think of you? They love me, we are really close.

What do you think of his parents? I love them!

Do either of you have siblings? We both do! Do you both get along with them? I get along with all of my siblings (I have 4) and he gets along with his for the most part.

Life in ten years:

Where you'll live: Hopefully in New York

What you'll be doing: Something that makes me happy.

Will he still make your heart beat fast? everyday.

Will you still know what he's thinking just by looking at him? Yes, we know each other so well. We were best friends before we were ever together.

A little more about you:

Is your life where you thought it would be at your age? No, it's so much better!

Do you regreat your past? I used to, but not anymore. I have learned alot, and I am a better person.

Are you happy? Very much so.

Okay, favorite song? "Icing" by Charity Vance

Favorite singer? Too many!

When you have extra time, you do what? Exercise, clean, play games with my husband,shop, etc.

Favorite vacation spot? Too hard to choose!

Who do talk to the most on the phone? My mom.

On the computer? Everyone from back home!


Person you know will always make you laugh: Andre

Smartest person you know: My friend Lisa

Most giving person you know: My friend Kat

Person you respect the most? My family and friends.

Sweetest person? Andre

Most religious person? My grandmother

Most creative person? Me.

Person you admire the most? Walt Disney

Person you would love to smack the most: A few relatives...

Your thoughts:

I don't understand... Why things happen the way they do sometimes.

I'm thankful for... My life, and everyone inside of it. And my job!

I'm happiest when... Cuddling with my husband or at Disneyland.

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