Thursday, August 23, 2012

30 Personality Questions Tag *Tag Week Extentsion*

Hey Beauties,

For the final tag of tag week, I chose the 30 personality questions tag. I would really like anyone who reads this post to do this tag, and leave the link so I can check yours out!

1. Do you like your name?

Yes, I do. I used to not care for it, but I think it suits me. :)

2. What age would you like to be right now?

 I actually think my age right now is perfect( I will be 21 soon.)

3. Do you have pets?

Andre and I don't have our own pets, but our families do. We are so excited to be pet parents someday:)

4. How many best friends do you have?

5. What is your favorite color?


6. Do you like to go shopping?

DUH! Shopping is my life!

7. Are you into sports?

I really enjoy watching sports, and I like to play some, but I am not very good at them. Oh well,I try!

8. What is your favorite hobby?

Blogging or designing.

9. Do you like to read?

I love reading!

10. What do you do when you are mad?

I try to take a deep breath and think of 3 positive things in my life.

11. What word do yo ucatch yourself saying alot?

Sheisse. It's a bad word, and I shouldn't say it as often as I do.

12. Mcdonald's or Burger King?


13. Coke or Pepsi?

Neither. I HATE soda!

14. Summer or Winter?


15. Are you nice to everyone?

I try to be, but I am not perfect.

16. Do you like swimming?

Yes, it's one of my favorite activities to do with my husband.

17. How do you do your hair most often?

Lately I have been doing ballerina buns with cute headbands.

18.  What city or state do you want to go to?

I just want to go back to the States and see my family and friends. Anywhere they are.

19. What kind of ice cream is your favorite?

Mint Chocolate Chip!!

20.  Hot Cheetos or Doritos?


21. Do you like school?

I am not in school anymore, but I didn't like it when I was.

22.  Are you in school?

23. Do you play video games?

I play Just Dance, Mario Bros, Singstar, Wii Sports, etc.

24. What do you do for fun?
I like to read, write, design, blog, dance, swim, cook, shop, etc.

25. Do you talk alot on the phone?

Not really, I am only on the phone about once a week when I call my family.

26.  Are you shy or talkative?


27. Do you like going outdoors?

I am not super outdoorsy, but I don enjoy walking etc :)

28. Do you like rainy days?

I love the rain. It is perfect weather in my opinion.

29.  What is your favorite restaurant?

 The Station in Long Beach, CA

30. Are you awesome?

How silly of a question. I guess I am awesome, in a clumsy way. :)

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  1. I really like these questions. Would you mind if I did this tag for my blog as well? :)) +AmandaXOXO