Friday, August 31, 2012

Diary: Fashion Investments,and New Series/blog!

Hello Lovlies:)

Today I wanted to do a little catching up. First, I had a really fun time doing Tag Week! I saw some of my tags get re-done, and had a blast reading them all! It was a good time, and I like doing posts that let you get to know me a little better, as well as getting to know you all better!

So, Fashion Investments. Just like practically every girl on the planet, I am always adding to my wardrobe, and always trying to get the most for my money. Unless you have recently won the lottery, I am sure cost plays a role in your fashion/ beauty purchases. But how many really good quality classic items do you actually own? With the fall season coming up, I am of course thinking about all of the new fashion purchases I will soon be making. But, I have also been inspired to start building a better quality wardrobe. I am going to start researching high-end, classic items that I want and start saving for them. Sure, for one pair of Louboutin's you could get a ton of clothes at let's say, Forever21, but those shoes will last you forever, and depending on the style, never go out of style. So basically my new goal is to invest more often than just thinking about quantity. I am not saying I  am going to stop shopping at H&M, Forever21, etc, and I am not saying those store don't offer high quality items. I am just going to invest more in closet staples. But, I am going to of course make this a series!!!

I am going to start sharing my research  with you and you can all help me shop for these items. I will also give reviews, and share shopping/investing tips. :)

Another new series or blog( haven't decided) is going to be a blog with both my husband and myself on newlywed life, and relationships in general. We are going to answer questions, share our stories, give advice, and hopefully make some new friends. We are both really excited! if anyone has any questions about relationships, marriage, couple issues, etc, please feel free to ask us! We will answer everyone!

I want to end with a quick apology, and ask for your patience. I am trying to keep up blogging as best as I can. I am adjusting to a new job, and schedule. I have been inconsistent the past few weeks because I am trying to juggle alot of new tasks! Please be patient while I figure out a posting schedule that allows me to post daily! Thank you:)

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