Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions 2013!

Hello my loves!

It's that time  of year again... time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh! A chance to improve yourself. Time for some new resolutions!!

A side note, I did really well on my 2012 resolutions. There were  a few things I could have done better on, but hey. I give myself a B+ :p  I have been thinking long and hard, so here are my 2013 Resolutions!!!!!! :

1. To be a more positive person. As I mentioned in my Perfect Imperfections post, I am a very overly sensitive person. While this is a good trait in some aspects, it is also annoying because I can be very negative at times. I take things to heart and think everyone is  judging me or doesn't like me, or my instant reaction to many situations is often the negative side of things. I want to really focus on being more positive, and not taking every little comment or action of others to heart!

2.  To be more creative, and experiment with fashion. I know this was a resolution last year, and it was the area I lacked in the most. Partially because I didn't have much inspiration, and partially because I had next to zero budget. But I have a steady stream of disposable income now, and loads and loads of inspiration! I want to make 2013 my most fashionable year yet!

3. To start a Youtube channel. This has been on my mind for over a year now, but I just haven't gotten around to doing it. No excuses this year! I am going to give it an honest go, and put all of my effort forth!

4. To exercise more regularly. Yep, the most generic resolution of all! I am really bad with making fitness a part of my lifestyle though. I will go through phases where I workout faithfully for weeks or even months, then phases where I do absolutely nothing. This year, I would like to make an honest effort to truly make fitness apart of my life

5.  To save more money. Again, such a generic resolution, but one I am horrible with. I have made a goal to save a set amount each month. I find this easier to accomplish with an end goal- and this year, we are headed back to America, so there's the motivation! I will need spending cash ;)

6. To have more patience. I have almost no patience. This is a virtue that I would very much like to have.

7. To set aside one night per week for a date night with my husband. I have always loved the idea of a set date night, but sometimes it can be hard. We would really like to make this a priority!

There you have it, my New Year's resolutions for 2013!

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