Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blogidays- My Imperfections Tag!


Christmas is over!  I am also starting to experience Post-December Depression, because December is FLYING!

Today, I want to do a tag that I have thought about doing for awhile now. The Perfect Imperfections tag. I watch alot of these on Youtube, and I find them really interesting. For one thing, they really humanize people we look up to as "perfect". It is also interesting to see things that people see in themselves as imperfections, because while they're worried about them, most people don't even notice!

So, in this tag, you are supposed to mention 3 things you like about yourself/body, and 3 you're not so fond of.  I think I will start with the negatives:

1. I have a tooth that is slightly behind another. Up close, it is hardly noticeable, but I have had photos where it appears as though I am missing a tooth! It makes me really self conscious to smile and have photos taken.

2. My legs. I surely don't have the worst legs in the world, but my body isn't totally proportional. I am 5'5", so I am not too short, but my torso is abnormally long, and my legs are quite short. Fun fact, I was once told that my leg length is the same as people in the 4'11"- 5'1" height range! Aside from being too short, I think they are too thick. When I was younger, I wanted desperately to be thin, and exercised non-stop. As a result, my legs got really really musclular . I guess I would like to have longer, slimmer legs.

3. This isn't a physical thing, but I can't stand my over sensitivity! I am a very extremely sensitive person. I take almost everything to heart, and I get my feelings hurt very easily. I find it quite annoying as it interferes with my relationships with others and my daily life.

So, good things for last, here are my 3 that I rather enjoy about myself! :

1. I have very full, long, dark, eyelashes! I have never needed fakes, and most mascaras work well for me!

2. I have a very feminine body. I have pretty wide hips, but proportional breasts and a very slim waist. I feel like Betty Boop sometimes :p

3. Another personality trait, but my over sensitivity is positive sometimes. Because I am so hyper sensitive to  what goes on around me, I am very empathetic, and very caring. I put my absolute heart into everything I do, and can easily put myself in someone else's shoes. I feel the emotions of others, and I feel like this makes me a great listener. Because my emotions are very extreme, when I feel positive emotions, I experience them at a much greater level! :)

I would love to see your Perfect Imperfections tags! I tag every single person who comes across this post. Leave a response below, or a link to your blog if you make a post!

X's and O's,

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