Monday, November 26, 2012

Brushes on a Budget!

Hello Snowflakes!

Brushes are an essential part to anyone's makeup kit, but let's be real.. they can get REALLY expensive! To make things worse, you see these makeup collection videos on Youtube, and they have hundreds of brushes in their collections! How many brushes does  one girl need, and how does one aqquire them without going broke?? Don't worry, I have got ya covered ;)

First off, how many brushes do you need? I am a hoarder, and have mulitiples of everything, but one of each of the following would suffice:

~Complexion/Powder brush
~ Foundation Brush
~ Flat Shader brush
~Crease Brush (can double as blending brush)
~ Angled liner brush

So, contrary to populr belief, you don't HAVE to splash out alot on brushes. Several brands offer very affordable options. Here are my top 3 choices!

~ E.L.F. offers their normal line of brushes for just $1 each. These are not super quality, but they do function. Their Studio Line is much better quality, and each of those brushes is offered for just $3 a brush.

~ For those of you who are looking to get as many brushes as possible for your money, I got a fabulous brush set at Target. They are the Sonja Kashuk dual sided brushes. Each brush has a dual end, so they each function as 2 when you turn them over. The brushes are amazing quality, and I only paid $19.99 for the set!!

~Target's own brand also offers makeup brushes. I have seen them range from $2-6 depending on the purpose of the brush. I absolutely love these brushes! Excellent quality!

I hope some of you found this helpful, happy brush shopping!!

X's and O's,

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