Friday, September 14, 2012


Hey Beauties,

I have been giving it quite a bit of thought lately, and I am very serious about starting my own youtube channel to go along with this blog. I depserately need your help, though!

I am not very good with technology, so I need a few recommendations for cameras and editing software. For a camera, I am looking for something that is easy to use, produces high quality, and has autofocus. I am not looking for the absolute most expensive camera out there, and any suggestions you have would be helpful! I want to choose a good camera from the begining so that I can provide my viewers with great quality from the first video!

As for an editing software, I am feeling a little lost. I have never used one, and wouldn't know where to begin. Again, I would like something that isn't too complicated to use, but allows me to really enhance my videos. I would appreciate any tips anyone has to offer! I would like to use voiceovers as well for some of my content, so some software that would let me do that easily!

Also, lighting tips would be helpful. Does natural light suffice, should I purchase additional lighting? If so, which kind?

Thanks for your help!

With fall coming up, this blog will come alive more and more. You see, I am passionate about the fall and winter seasons, and I will have so much content to provide you with. I love the fashion, makeup, I have tons of fashion, recipies, DIYS, etc planned! Please stay tuned! Please leave requests for anything pertaining to these two seasons, and I will keep them in mind! I am going to be doing some Halloween tutorials, so let me know what you would like to see!

Thank you for your support, it means everything!

X's and O's,

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