Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Manda Likes!

Hello, and happy Tuesday!!

First off, I hope everyone had a great week! I haven't done a Manda Likes post in forever, and I want to update everyone on my favorite things I have been obsessed with lately!!

Beauty Likes:

Benefit's Eyeshadow in Pink Fancy

This color is a beautiful base and highlight color. I have been wearing it almost daily! It feels very nice on the eyes, and doesn't crease easily. It gives your eyes the perfect touch of sweetness!!

Mask Of Magnaminty from Lush

This is by far one of the best masks I have used! It is so refreshing, and solves just about any skin problem you might encounter! It is somewhat pricey, but honestly, the small jar will last you forever. I have had the small jar since May, and I really think that it is going to last through this month! I use this mask about twice a week, too. I really reccomend picking this up!

NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Color

After running out of my other three eye primers, I wanted to try something new, and more on the affordable side.  When I was in Douglas, I was browsing the NYX section from some lip glosses when I ran across this product. I decided I would give it a whirl! It does come in white, and another color (blanking), but Skin Tone looks the most natural to me. This has really made a difference in the wear of my eyeshadows, and it was really affordable at just 6.95 Euros.

Food Likes:

Kinder Suprise Eggs

One thing I adore about living in Europe is the CHOCOLATE! American chocolate just cannot compare. We literally have some of the finest, most exquisite tasting chocolate here. Kinder is one of my favorite brands. It is so creamy, and melts in your mouth. Kinder makes these Ueberashung (suprise) eggs. It is a hollow chocolate egg with a small yellow capsule inside. Inside of the capsule is a little toy. I have eaten more eggs recently than I would like to admit.. hehe;)

Feta Cheese

I have always loved Feta cheese, but recently, I have been putting it with everything! It is a very different tasting, strong sort of cheese, so this isn't for everyone, but I lalaLOVE it! I put it on salad all the time!

Activia Yogurts

I have been eating Activia daily for a few weeks now, and I am hooked. I know I am consuming a healthy snack, and it tastes SO GOOD! My favorite flavors are cherry and vanilla. I like to add organic granola and shaved almonds for more crunch and flavor!

Random Likes:

The Game of Life app for Ipod

Literally the best 99 cents I have spent in a very long time! I play this game constantly. This app has wonderful graphics, you can play alone or with friends, and offer several different languages! If you like this classic game from Hasbro, I recommend downloading this for hours of fun!


I have been organizing the crap out of my life lately. I have been getting myself on track, and organizing has become a bit of an obsession :p

What are your current likes?

X's and O's,

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