Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedding Things: Accessories!

Hey Beauties,
Fot today's "Wedding Things" post, I want to talk about accessories for not only brides, but bridesmaids. Accessories are a great way to enhance your dress and overall wedding day look. Here are some key accessories, and how to choose them:

1. The veil. Brides have so many options for veils  these days! Long, short, catherdral length, the possiblities go on. Some brides opt for no veil, and put decorative hair pieces in. Your veil or head decorations should be whateveer your heart desires. If you want to be "traditional", longer veils are bettre suited for church ceremonies, while shorter veils are fine for less formal ceremonies. It depends on your dress style, and more importantly,  your hair style.

2.  Bridal jewelry. Jewelry should show your personality, and compliment your dress. Jewelry should not distract from your dress. If your dress has a lot of intricate detailing, etc, less is more. If your dress is a little onn the plainer side, it's okay to dress it up with some bling. Not too much bling. Alot of brides I know have been opting for a strand of pearls. I am personally choosing a white gold necklace with small diamonds that my fiancee gave me a year ago, and some earrings. A bracelet if I find a nice one, but I am keeping the jewelry simple.

3. Bridal party jewelry. This is up to the woman of the day, the bride. Some brides pick out specific pieces of jewelry they want their bridesmaids to wear. Some brides give their bridesmaids a general style to stick to. If that is the case, you should approve your jewelry choice with the bride before purchasing. Take a photo of the piece you want, or if the return policy allows, purchase it to show to the bride. If she says it's a no-go, you can return it. Bottom line: ask the bride!

4. Shoes. It is so important to consider your shoes immediately, as the type of shoe you decide on will affect alterations to your dress. You need to have your wedding shoes in order to have your dress altered to the perfect length. A few things to consider with your shoes: How long will I be in these? If you have a long reception filled with dancing, etc, make sure your feet can withstand the abuse. Some people can last for days in heels, others are dying after an hour. I personally opted for a white ballerina flat. Your shoes should be everything you dreamed of, just consider comfort before you purchase. Also: you won't be able to change shoe lengths. If you are in a 4 inch heel, your seamstress with alter the dress to the perfect length for those 4 inch heels. If you change into a flat shoe for the reception, your dress will be too long and drag.

These are just some basic points with accessories. Let me know if you want to see more!

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