Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Beauty Kit Essentials

Hey Pretties!

The weather is warming up! Who is stoked for summer?

Summer brings hot weather, and if you're not careful, raccoon eyes! Today I want to talk about some must haves for your summer beauty kit. Personally, these items are things that are ALWAYS in my kit and I use almost all of them daily. But if you are missing any of the following, defintely get them for summer!

1.Face and eye primers. I use primers daily, but they are crucial during the summer. Eye primer will help your eye makeup last longer, and reduce the smearing and smudging. Face primer is awesome because it fills in your pores, evens out your complexion, and gives foundation and concealer something to adhere to. I like to just spot conceal when I can in the  summer, and face primer evens things out! Plus, the concealer isn't melting off of my face.

2. Waterproof mascara. Summer activities call for this beauty essential. Sweat, water, 'nuff said.

3. Liquid liner. A liquid liner stays put much better and longer than a pencil. It is also less likely to run!

4. Sunscreen! Honestly, this should have been first, and you should use it everyday. I use it daily, no matter the weather, but especially in the summer! Protect your skin from sun damage. You'll thank your sunscreen when you are older and virtually wrinkle free! Make sure that the product can be placed under makeup. Some formulas can be placed over makeup as well! Be sure to re-apply every 3 hours if you're in the sun.

5. Lightweight skincare. The last thing you want in the summertime are products that are heavy on your skin. I reccomed a light cleanser, and a very lightweight moisturizer. Olay Beauty Fluid is my fave lightweight moisturizer.

6. Translucent powder. This is necessary for blotting excess oil on the skin, and setting foundations and concealers so that they don't slip and move around!

What are your beauty kit essentials?
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  1. Good tips! I use most of these things all year but in summer they are definitely a must.

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  2. Absolutely! Thanks for following!:)

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