Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Closet Essentials Summer Edition: The Dreaded Swimming Suit

Hey Beauties!

For my next few Closet Essential posts, I want to discuss essentials for summer. I thought there was no better way than to begin with the essential we love, but hate: The bathing suit.

Truth be told, most people aren't too thrilled at the idea of bathing suit shopping. Who can blame them? You are now going to be showing off parts of your body that are generally covered up by clothing. We get insecure about scars, cellulite, skin tone, etc. Not to mention, the shopping experience can be a little rough on the self esteem (um, hello stupidly bright lights that give EVERYONE cellulite). Today I want to talk about finding a good suit for your body that is cute, and makes you feel good about yourself.

Just like jeans, there are many different styles of swimming suits, and not one style looks good on everyone. When shopping, you have to consider your body type, as well as your personal style. My general advice is to make sure that the suit is not too loose, and is not squeezing anything too tightly. Have bigger breasts? Look for tops with more support. Girls with smaller breasts can better pull of badeau tops, etc. Embarrassed by your tummy? Tankinis are great options. Seventeen Magazine has tons of great content about finding the perfect suit, and feeling good about it! Start by taking the bathing suit quiz:

Something to keep in mind: nobody and no body is perfect. Everyone has flaws, and your probably your own worst critic. The most simple way to look great in a bathing suit? Confidence. Even if you don't believe it at first, just keep telling yourself that you're the hottest girl on the beach. When you appear confident, others will think you look great, too. Remember to have fun. The whole reason you got a bathing suit was to swim and do other fun activities, right? :)

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