Monday, May 21, 2012

Basic Skin Care Kit

Hello Beauties!

Today, I want to talk about your skincare. It is so vital, but not everybody has the basics! Today, I am going to breifly discuss what should be in your skincare kit!

1. Skin type appropriate cleanser. It is crucial that you find a good cleanser suited for your skin type. Do your research! Avoid really harsh chemicals, even if you have acne. Truth be told, harsh chemicals in acne-fighting cleansers can just make you break out worse.

2. Toner. Toner is important because it removes excess sebum and evens out your complexion.

3. Skin type appropriate moisturizer. Moisturizer is cruical, even if you have oily skin. Pick up a moisturixer suited for your skin type, and use it daily! You'll be grateful later on in life if you moisturize your skin well while you're young!

4. Eye Cream. Do not, I repeat DO NOT use normal moisturizer on your eye area. USE EYE CREAM! Eye creams are formulated for especially for the eyes. Your eyes don't have any glands near them, so it is vital that you keep this area well hydrated.

5. Anti- Aging Serum. The best treatment for wrinkles is prevention! If you start by using an anti-age remedy now, you can help your skin look younger as you age.

6. Sunscreen. Again, prevention is the best treatment. Wear sunscreen everyday, and be amazed by your skin's appearence later.

7. Water:) Drinking water helps flush out toxins, so it can help prevent breakouts. Also, the more hydrated you are, the more hydrated and glowy your skin is!

I hope these tips were helpful. I love my skincare routine. I can't stop thinking about how awesome my skin feels afterwards, and daydreaming about how awesome my skin will look when I am older!

X's and O's,

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